Tubo para traqueostomia em silicone com cuff de ar

 The tracheostomy tube cuff with air full of Arcadia Medical silicone is a silicone tube radiopaque, biocompatible integral with a connector articulated ISO 15 mm to use with standard respiratory equipment.

The flange neck is indicated by dl and the dimensions for easy reference. The rounded tip of the plug facilitates insertion. A neck strap (nastro tape) is used to secure the neck flange of the tracheostomy tube to the patient. The separation wedge is used to separate the articulated connector 15 mm ISO the tracheostomy tube of the breathing apparatus.
The tracheostomy tube cuff with air completely silicone inflatable cuff has a high volume and low pressure to minimize tracheal pressure. When fully inflated, the cuff air adapts to the shape of the trachea providing a seal at a low pressure inside the
cuff. The cuffed tracheostomy tubes have an air inflation line with a valve and a pilot balloon luer blue to indicate a cuff inflation.

Especialidades: Intensive Care , Respiratory Medicine


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