Drainage System and External Monitoring

  The Drainage System and Monitoring External Brain was designed to be used as a means of draining the fluid cerebrospinal (CSF) of the lateral ventricles of the brain or space lumbar subarachnoid, monitoring of pressure and speed flow of cerebrospinal fluid and decreasing intracranial pressure ICP. The Drainage System and Monitoring External Brain
works connected to a drainage catheter fluid ventricular or lumbar cerebrospinal, and Ventricular Catheters Lumbar luerlock include a connector to be used for its connection line to the patient. For more information about the catheters refer to the instructions for usage
NOTE: The catheters described are available separately, are for exclusive use with this system and have the record to ANVISA.

Especialidades: Neurosurgery , UTI , Intensive Care


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